International Fire Protection Association «EPOTOS» was established in 1991 by the professionals with extensive field experience, broad scientific potential and engineering capabilities in fire safety. The purpose of establishing the Association was creation and promotion of self-contained automatic fire-extinguishing equipment. The corporate structure of IFPA «EPOTOS» includes 13 production assets. IFPA «EPOTOS» is primarily focused at designing and manufacture of self-contained dry powder and aerosol automatic fire-extinguishing modules. The latest elaborations include self-contained automatic water mist fire-extinguishing modules. Self-contained automatic fire-extinguishing modules are used as a basis for designing and implementation of fire detection and prevention systems at industrial and civil construction facilities, fuel and energy facilities, all types of transportation means including the transport facilities of the Ministry of Defense. IFPA «EPOTOS» has broad intellectual and manufacturing capabilities generating new ideas and state-of-the-art developments, implementing them in the new products that year after year become more and more popular and find new customers all over the world from Australia to North and South America. Our products show perfect operational results in the areas of temperature extremes, both in Africa and in the Arctic Region where the temperature can fall to -60°С.

IFPA «EPOTOS» keeps on improving the available products and developing the new fire-extinguishing equipment and technologies.